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Soul Reapers- An overview

In this game, soul reapers are considered as the people who are responsible for maintaining the balance amongst the spirits, the Hell and Soul Society and the living world. They had been sent for finding souls and get the Hollows destroyed.

Few of the activities in the game are as follows:

  • The Soul Reapers are known as Shinigami in Japanese who are the spirit beings that dwell in the hub of the Soul Society located in Manga Bleach.
  • Soul reapers get traveled to the living world so as to get the spirits’ soul burials performed that are yet to find peace and therefore, get passed to the Soul Society.
  • They also have the responsibility to get the Hollows destroyed. These Hollows are the evil spirits who got their connection to humanity lost.
  • When the Hollows get executed by the Soul Reaper, they purify the soul and then make a comeback to the Soul Society.
  • The Soul Reaper can only send a Hollow or a Soul back when the hollow had been involved in great crimes while he was alive.
  • The Soul Reapers, right from the beginning try and protect humans from the Hollows with the help of their huge Soul Reaper army.
  • The army comprises of three main categories the Demon Arts Division, the Gotei13, and the Special Forces.
  • Gotei13 is said to be the ordinary army group which has 13 units, led by 13 captains.
  • There is a lieutenant under each captain who is supposed to communicate directly with the lower ranks of armies.
  • These units are different in their own way, and some of them are incapable of Instead, they are medical specialists.
  • The Demons Art Division is mainly responsible for getting the gates opened and closed which is located between the living world and the Soul Society.
  • Other activities carried out by the Demon Arts Division are strictly kept off the record and only shared with the team members.
  • The Special Forces act in response to the attacks of the Hollows which are too strong to be guarded by the regular army groups.
  • All these armies carry a Zanpaku which a sword is having multiple forms of power based on the categories to which they belong.
  • These Soul Reapers have a uniform which a black martial arts uniform being extremely loose and baggy.
  • A black swallow-tailed moth is made used by the Soul Reaper for signaling when they leave a particular place or arrive at a location.


The game revolves around these activities, the Soul Reapers being the heroes of the game protecting the humans from the evil Hollows. Gamers who are action lovers and believe in destroying evil over good, this is the perfect game for them. Though this game has a great number of similarities with other action games, the great number of characters along with their specialties makes it interesting for all the game addicts out there.

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